BBC Weather strikes again

The report says  Thursday:Sunny Intervals max 18°C min 7°C Currently, it’s so foggy that I can’t see Bath out of the window. Also, I’ve actually got a tag for weather which I think technically makes me properly British now. I am so lame.

Still no bloody snow

There is about 11cms of snow across the UK today. But not in Portishead. It feels so special. The car park is a little iced up but that’s it. Plans for this week. Monday – pack up stuff and put in loft. Tuesday – Pack bag Wednesday – drink, eat curry and make merry Thursday…

Viva Espana

Tis pretty great here. Seville is a seriously lovely place. I´m here checking things out and spending time with the delishka Mishka. She´s just left Britian for a new life here with her beloved boyfriend and darling Chica cat. They´ve found jobs, an apartment and met some friends already and I´m just dead impressed. Here…


So cold. My office heating has stopped working. The weather has taken a turn for the worse. It will be -4 tonight apparently. Today2° | -4°Tue0° | -6°Wed3° | 0°Thu3° | -3°   In fact, it was this cold when we went to Dover on the weekend and the cliffs really are that white.