About Charlie

Does anyone ever bother to read this page? Isn’t it like reading the synopsis of a novel rather than the entire story? Still, for those of us who like the background before getting onto the meat.

I am

  • fond of food, travelling, the internet and generally am a complete media junkie
  • I’ve been blogging since 2003. That’s a bit ridiculous
  • I am passionate about the internet and working in it. I’ve been a designer, a developer and am now a project manager – there is pretty much no part of the internet that is not fascinating.
  • I live in Bristol, this is a pretty awesome city about 2 hours west of London.
  • I’m South African originally.
  • I’m also a photographer and have been working as part of Lowthian Photography for the last few years – weddings, events and portraits mainly.

Oh and my wedding photos are pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “About Charlie

    • I am amazed. And I don’t have funktastic hair at the moment but that will change this weekend where I shall be sorting it out into a proper flaming red!

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