Bedroom update

I hadn’t realised that I hadn’t updated the master bedroom after my post from ages ago about renovating it.

We have now done the following

  • take the old, crappy wall paper off the wall (you can see all the bubbles and pulls on it)
  • get someone in to skim over the artex on the ceiling
  • I suspect that removing the wallpaper will leave the walls in a terrible state so suspect they will be skimmed as well This was so bad, they most certainly needed doing and they look great now.
  • get rid of the minging carpet. Joy! Replaced carpet with a beautiful thick pile silvery great luxury carpet. Yes I know floorboards are trendy but the bedroom is so warm and cosy now.
  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • Went with the most beautiful Little Green colours – Teal Grey & Canton (teal) and the ceiling is Dulux Chic Shadow.

I have also purchased some curtains that fit – the too short curtains in the photos above looked terrible – and wallpapered the end wall behind the hanging rails. We also moved the bed around and now we can lie in bed and look out over views of Bristol and the cemetery.

Still to do –

  • Wardrobes. Can’t decide on what to do. Paralysed by indecision.
  • New dressing table with some shelves above for decent storage of my makeup etc (one day a dressing room will be MINE!)
  • Art on the walls
  • Decorative shelves above the radiator on my side of the bed – something like this lovely Rockett St George ones. 
  • New bed linens that have not been decimated by cat claws (arriving tomorrow!)