Sprint 1 burn down chart…

As of yesterday, one leg is substantially larger than the other one as I have injured a calf muscle quite dramatically. It’s been aching for a while but yesterday (during my 1 scary thing, competing in the Crossfit Open), I have managed to injure it by skipping. I did however finish the skipping by just skipping on 1 leg (harder than it looks). It was quite dramatically painful yesterday and was very swollen. Today is better but I’m still not able to straighten the leg properly so I think my aim of exercising 8 times this Sprint is over. I’ll have to replace it with another user story.

My something scary is done however. I have been competing in the Crossfit Open. I hate competition and games and showing myself up to be totally useless and I’m still doing all this. It’s pretty awful, I won’t lie and my scores are pretty much terrible but I’m still doing it. I’ve also got a plan for my creative thing which I’m going to do next Sunday.


I think I might replace the exercise user story with some wardrobe maintenance user stories. Dull but necessary

So, not too bad really. I’ve been istagramming quite a lot as well. But haven’t managed to take the proper camera out yet.