March sprint planning

I’m really just going to run my life in sprints now, I think it will make life interesting. Or exceptionally dull depending on your level of geekitude. Start small, think big.

2 week sprints, 25 story points per sprint, and I’ll pull in items from my life backlog which I’ll store on Trello. Story points are traditionally Fibonacci series numbers and are used to denote effort or difficulty rather than time taken.

Lose 4lbs by fasting for 4 days(intermittently) 5sp
Exercise 8 times (not included is walking to the station)  9sp
Learn 10 phrases in French 3sp
Book riad on Marrakesh 1sp
Book and attend a private yoga lesson 3sp
Do something creative 1sp
Do something scary 3sp
Foam roll 8 times 1sp

Sprint starts on 1st March, sprint ends 15 March, the Ides of March apparently.

And take more photos!