February goals

After my success of Jan goals, where I write short term goals out rather than big year long goals, I’m definitely sticking with it as it’s keeping me more accountable and less distracted by other things.

FOOD + carbs are lower, calories are lower and I’m doing 5lbs in Jan. Goal for Feb is another 2 weeks of strict adherence to my low cal diet and then moving into a better, more paleo structure. More #leanin15 meals and making sure I don’t eat too many carbs on non-training days.


Home grown oyster mushrooms

Exercise – I’m back at crossfit but have made the controversial decision to stop with the 4 days a week exercise. I’m utterly sick of having no spare time for anything.  It takes a whole evening every time and I’m doing a lot more work travelling now so I just can’t keep it up. I’m going to drop to 2 a week and work in some hotel HIIT sessions to do in the mornings.

Time – I commute 2 hours a day now and while it’s not bad at all, it does take a long chunk of time out where I could do useful things. So, more things like purchasing lunch, quicker dinners, and outsourcing stuff is going to help. I’m considering a better device for being able to blog and work on the train as my ipad is slowly dying. In the meantime, I’m catching up on my reading.


Steak pizza with a colleague

Sleep – I’m still not going to bed early enough and I can’t sleep on Sunday evenings. I might just purchase some melatonin and see if that helps.

Money – it’s all about saving and value. I’m not buying cheap crap and every thing has to be good value and fit for purpose. I just don’t want to buy cheaper things which aren’t quite right. And at the same time,  I have to allocate the right budget for things like that and not expect to spend tiny amounts on things that are important. I also intend to save as much as possible this month. We have a boiler on its way out and it desperately needs replacing. We are running a bit of a trade off as the water gets colder and hoping that it stays warm enough for showers until early March.

I’m using this picture to keep me going.


Diy stuff – we’ve had 2 fun packed painting filled weekends and the house is beginning to get back to normal now. Lots more to do, finish lounge painting, then the bannister and upstairs doors are the plan for next weekend.  Follow by some wallpaper in the bedroom. All to be done in Feb. Have given up with replacing the hallway light and a professional is coming to resolve our being faced with 9 wires out of the ceiling! Might move some furniture around to see how things go as well.