Less meat

I never ever thought I’d write this but my beloved has announced that he’d like to have less meaty dishes. Which in principle I’m fine with as long as there is no bloody chickpeas as a replacement.  Chickpeas are fine as hummous, awful by themselves.

So, back to the inspiration boards for less meaty main courses… We still need a reasonable level of protein in our diets – I like to aim for at least 100g a day, preferably 150g as weight training definitely requires it and that’s going to be difficult without meat. I foresee more fish in this week and overloading on veggies. Possibly more cheese and eggs based meals,it will be tricky with my commitment to lowering carbs as well.

I might follow Stef’s meal planning tips and see how that goes. I can’t replace every meal with this beautiful grilled provolone cheese sadly