January goals

Short and sharp goals for this year, each month I’d like to focus on a few specific things rather than having a bunch of nebulous things that I want to achieve in a year. Which I don’t always manage.

Fitness – Organise some hotel room HIIT sessions for when I travel. Back at CrossFit on the 21st.

Low carb diet when back from Colombia. Lots of veggies, good protein, basically Bodycoach phase1 again. Drink lots of water.

Manage the inevitable jetlag with care. Go to bed at the same time every day 10pm and up at 6:30. Even for the first 2 weekends in January.

Get some house stuff organised. Paint the bare plaster where it has all been fixed. Find a new cleaner.

I’ll be back in Feb to make some goals for that month. I will do a full push up before June and I will do a pull-up before June.