Giving up, quitting and why it’s awesome.

Honestly, all that crap about ‘Never give up’, ‘No quitters’ blah blah blah drives me insane. Sometimes quitting is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Things I have quit and why they have made me happy.

  1. Calling South Africa home. This is actually a bit sad but it doesn’t feel like home any more, there are more roads, houses and shopping malls than when I grew up there. My friends don’t live there any more. My friends are here. Home is my cosy house in Bristol with my husband and our 2 stupid cats.

    She’s not actually trapped anywhere, and there is no reason for her to look so sad. She’s just an idiot

  2. Running. Honestly, all this does is hurt. I used to use it as a form of punishment for not being thinner and would pound pavements and run as much as possible in the hope that it would make me thinner and fitter. Unfortunately it never actually worked and I would have sore knees, sore feet, a feeling of failure and an inability to catch my breath. Now, I work out plenty and rarely run more than 200 or 400 metres at any one time and it’s just fine. Also, I am slimmer and more toned than when I ran. Running doesn’t give you good arms, lifting the weights does.
  3. Facebook. I’ve got plenty more to say on this particular subject which I saved for another post but really, the lack of Facebook in my life has made me much happier. Obviously being termed a social media pariah is less awesome but I do still have Instagram which is much better than Facebook – less bizarre adverts, things I want to see, people don’t get offended when you stop following them. Lots of lovely pictures and I can skip the words if necessary.
  4. Reading fashion magazines. Actually reading nearly all magazines. And just to test this, I bought a Grazia the other day and it was a very disappointing experience. Old news, feeling like all the beauty recommendations were because they were paid to show them, weird clothes shown on skinny models in strange poses (I’m not saying the the typical blogger pose is better, but at least you can see the clothes on normal people). Added to which, stopping reading magazines has removed a lot of my acquisitiveness which is only a winner when you’re as much of a magpie as I am.