Low carb breakfasts

Following a reasonably low carb diet can mean endless eggs for breakfast, which while it seems exciting when you start, can get pretty dull, pretty quickly.

So I have a few more easy options to add to your repertoire.

  1. Stewed Rhubarb and Greek yoghurt. Rhubarb is very low in carbs and if you stew it for a good 30-45 mins in a small amount of water, some sweetener, a few crushed cardamom pods  and a grating of nutmeg gives you a tasty dish that’s easily reheated. I like to top mine with a few pistachio nuts as well.
  2. Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola and Greek Yoghurt. This is pretty damned easy. I like to add some berries to mine but it depends on your tolerance.
  3. The Omelette. Stuffed with anything meaty, fishy or cheesy plus some veggies is a great start if you’ve got time to cook. IMG_20150923_141431
  4. The egg muffin. I like to take slices of ham, put them in a muffin tin and then add an egg mixture with various veggies into them. The ham forms the container for your egg mixture and then you bake it for 15-20 mins and you have a nice little mini fritatta encased in it’s own ham case.
  5. Low carb oatmeal. I quite like this but some people in my household do not! Mix up the following and heat in a pot on the stove-
    16g chia seeds
    16g golden flax meal
    38g finely shredded unsweetened coconut
    ¾ tsp ground cinnamon
    15g Oats ( not instant crappy stuff tho, steel cut)
    380ml almond milk
    top with Yoghurt.