The Body Coach – end of cycle 2 report

This is a difficult post to write because I utterly hated cycle 2. Well, no, I didn’t hate it totally but it did highlight a bunch of things that I’m not very happy with. I’ll break it down into some pros and cons around the areas focused on.


Well, I am substantially fitter than I was when I started. The spiral staircase at work is now fairly easy to run up (2 floors, not even out of breath when I run to the top) and I have even noticed that a couple of Crossfit sessions have left me wanting more rather than wanting to collapse. I have definitely gained muscle in the last month and I have made a couple of PBs in various lifts which again proves the muscle development. I definitely look more athletic and less wobbly.


This was so difficult. I found it initially hard to get my head around the various options and how each meal should work and it took a good week or so for it to become easier. It’s a pick & mix type affair and you pick one from each type of food (protein, green veg, veg 1, veg 2, good fats and on training days, a carb). Portions are large and I did end up feeling quite uncomfortably full a lot of the time.

I also felt that because it was less strict than the first cycle, it was more acceptable to cheat / change the rules slightly. Which I tried very hard to control but sometimes it was unavoidable. I definitely had more cravings for sweet things and I think this was due to eating many more carbs than in the first cycle. I did have a couple of squares of dark chocolate on training days and definitely drank more than in cycle one – not a vast amount but I had quite a few social engagements which required drinking.

Weight & Measurements

Well, less pleasingly, I have put back on the 4lbs I had lost. My scales have actually broken so I sneakily weighed myself at a friends house so it’s not as accurate as I would hope but in any case, the weight on the scales is more than I’ve seen in a long time and I am very disappointed by this. I know it’s the sad step etc and that it’s all about the size but I’m well into the overweight / almost obese BMI and I won’t be allowed the pill at my next appointment unless I can get it down. We all know that BMI is useless when you do weight training but this is ridiculous now. Measurements however, are a much better story and I need either a new belt or some holes in my belt so further size has been lost.

Finally managed to do all my measurements and I’ve gained about 1.5 inches compared to the end of Cycle 1. So I don’t feel like this was much of a success at all but I’m not going to let it put me off and will see what happens on Cycle 3. crossfit

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