The Body Coach – end of cycle 1 – a report

So I did it, almost 5 weeks of cycle 1 of the Body Coach program.

For those who don’t know, where have you been? Joe Wicks, the Body Coach has been all over the internet, the press and the TV for the last year or so, with some major ramping up in the last 6 months or so. He is all about big portions, lots of food, not too much time exercising and generally healthy things. Plus he posts some amazing transformations on Instagram and his website which all look too good to be true.

He has a 3 month program called SSS – Shift, Shape and Sustain and it costs £147. Which isn’t bad given that everything is customised to you. And you have to fill in an immense questionnaire when you start, with a full food diary and loads of questions about what things you have a problem with and things like that. From that, he customises you a complete package of food and exercise.

The first month is all about the HIIT sessions for exercise and about eating appropriate carbs. HIIT sessions are basically a way of trying to kill you by making you go all out for 30 seconds and then a rest for 45 seconds and repeat, until you’ve done about 25 mins worth – usually 16 or 20 times. The first few sessions are dreadful and then they get better. Until you get to the end of the month and realise that you could do 20 blasts rather than the 16 you started with and you don’t feel like dying. And the reward for doing the 4 or 5 HIIT sessions a week is to be able to eat a carb based meal. And you can replace a HIIT session with a Crossfit session if you require so works perfectly with our usual way of life.

The rest of the meals are reasonably low carb, for those who are used to Atkins and other very low carb diets, they are not really that low carb as they feature a substantial amount of vegetables and protein and good fats. My favourite is a chicken satay type dish with peanut sauce, spiralised courgette mixed with normal spaghetti and red peppers. Things I have mainly eaten in the last month are: spinanch (industrial quantities), red peppers, greek yoghurt, coconut oil (everything is cooked in this) and lean chicken breasts & salmon fillets.

When I started, I got a very nice email from Joe & Jack (my personal coach) explaining that because I’d done a lot of low cal/low carb diets in the past, they couldn’t put my calories up to the level they should be as I would struggle to lose weight then. Honestly, I have been stuffed ALL THE TIME on this diet and can’t imagine eating more food!

The other focus is that it’s not about the scales, but it’s about the measurements and the visual appearance of fat & leanness. Which is nice because I weigh a LOT. Having done Crossfit for almost a year and weight training previously, I own a lot of muscle, so the scales are definitely a bit out. I have plenty of fat to lose but I’ll never be 9 or 10 stone. I mainly wanted to fit into things without fat jiggling around as I run so that’s just fine by me.

So, results ….

13 inches lost – 3 from around my stomach and 3 from my hips. No wonder my jeans are fitting well and I can get back into some other ones I thought were too small. I’ll spare you the photographs but they clearly show a substantial amount of fat lost. I’ve got a long way to go to get rid of the amount of spare tyre I’m carrying around tho so I hope it carries on the same way in Cycle 2.

So next up, Cycle 2. I am awaiting my personalised plan now but I expect it will feature much of the same but from the internet, I realise that there will be more weight training going on. Which is great and I intend to continue to crossfit and then perhaps try and fit in a few more weight training sessions.