Good places for salad / healthier food in Bristol

The Wine Wednesday crew are having a different day today and instead of the wine, are aiming for a Gin&Slimline evening out and rather than destroying our hard work with a lush deep-fried tasty bit of buttermilk-fried chicken from the superb kitchen at Three Brothers, we’re looking at some healthier options.

Shiraz – Persian food is always good – grilled meat, peppers and onions plus fluffy rice and fresh salad is a winning combo. Having eaten here plenty of times before, I can definitely rave about the delicious koubideh and tasty joujeh kebabs. Obviously if a little of their freshly made flatbreads was to slip in accompanied by a deliciously smoky aubergine dip, then it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Source – a variety of salads, smaller portions and amazing tastes mean that you get a hit of great tastes but without the huge portions. Perfect for a light lunch, many of their dishes are served without starchy carbs and will give you an afternoon without the need for a snooze. Sadly not usually open for dinner.

Krishna’s Inn – south indian food usually is much less reliant on heavy sauces and large amounts of ghee to concoct their tasty delights than the more usual Bangladeshi and UK Indian food. Light and fluffy dosas, tasty rice and some nice stir fried meat dishes leave one content and full but not uncomfortable.

Noa Japanese – Japanese food is generally a very healthy option – fresh fish, boiled rice, tasty sauces and ramens are all low in artificial crap and full of good nutritious food. Wagamama’s is a close second and for a chain restaurant there are some healthy options there. The world is full of love for a bone broth (stock to the rest of us normal people!) and ramen is generally made with a good quality stock full of collagen and other goodies. Soup leaves you inclined to eat less as it’s so filling and when served with some gently cooked veggies, is an excellent healthy meal out. Try hard to avoid chicken katsu curry!

Thai Edge – Thai food is also a healthy option and Thai Edge might be slightly pricier than other thai restaurants but it’s also, so much better than many of the others. Try a tasty stirfry with basil, chilli and green peppers, served alongside some plain rice and perhaps some nice bok choi. Much better than a salad!

Grounded – honourable mention to this lovely local chain who feature more than 1 salad on their menu, none of which feel like a worthy option – they’re all tasty, healthy and full of delicious fresh, local ingredients. Except for the halloumi, hard to get a local halloumi!

There is always the chain healthy-ish options however if none of these meet your desires …

Giraffe – too many children for my taste but plenty of healthy options from tasty salads to grilled fish and other stuff.
Pizza Express– the hole in a pizza filled with salad is an option or the fairly tasty salads with grilled chicken are always good.
Nandos – a reliable grilled chicken & salad joint, usually tasty and well cooked, this meets most healthy salady requirements.

I’m off on holiday next week, so everything is a bit like this at the moment !