Bedroom colour ideas

I was originally thinking about a pale and lilac scheme but unfortunately my beloved was not overly keen on that, and after lots of reflection, I’m not that keen to go back to the light side either. I’m going to stick with colour but instead aim for some soothing colours. The above image does show quite a nice layout for our bedroom tho.
From my previous post I broke this down into a number of tasks and suggested that I would get a decorator in to do it! Ha! It’s turned into us doing it all (except for the plastering) and it’s been hard work!
  • move everything into the middle bedroom – done!
  • remove the skirting boards – not doing, we’re going to paint them the same colour as the walls. They need cleaning now after the wallpaper removal!
  • take the old, crappy wall paper off the wall (you can see all the bubbles and pulls on it) – done! This was AWFUL, filthy, disgusting, hard work.
  • get someone in to skim over the artex on the ceiling  – done! This was less than amazing as we appeared to have had a leak at some stage and the first time the plasterer did the ceiling, the plaster all fell off as the ceiling was slightly damp. Cue an extra day of work!
  • I suspect that removing the wallpaper will leave the walls in a terrible state so suspect they will be skimmed as well  – done! They look beautiful now. The walls and ceiling are all a beautiful light salmon pink and are ready to be painted. 
  • Paint the walls and ceiling – this is the task for this weekend and I can’t wait to see the results of this. It’s going to be stunning with matte grey and teal walls. 
  • get rid of the minging carpet.
  • Get new carpet in and laid – this is all booked for early September, it’s going to be a lovely pewter shade and it’s going to be beautifully soft. The cats had a good sit on the samples the carpet company left with us and I assume they’re going to enjoy it too. 
  • Install new wardrobes (hopefully the Ikea ones will fit) – I’m back to deliberating about this again. I really like our open hanging rails and they look like they’ll fit nicely in the alcoves so might give that a try and then add the new chest of drawers to the end wall with a mirror, bench and dressing table between them. 
  • Put everything back. – well yes, we can’t just sleep on the new carpet, soft and comfy as it might be!

Some pictorial inspiration …

Canton – a colour shade by Little Greene. This is the shade we’ve chosen.

Honeybees wallpaper – for inside the alcoves.


Nice shelf above the bed, with some interesting oddments on it. Plus perhaps some lights clipped to it.

I love this orange line around the skirtings!