Websites live!

I have been working on a massive project for the last year. I’ve been back at one of my favourite marketing agencies in Bristol and for one of their clients, I’ve been project managing a huge platform migration project. Which necessitated a platform rebuild onto a new version of a CMS with some dramatically different architecture. Added to which we did the full front end project which required 3 months of a Lean UX process where we built a full HTML prototype of the website in a responsive format so that the client could share and gather feedback, and we could properly user test these sites so that we were 100% certain that they were both fit for purpose and a simple, easy delight to use.

So, enough of the marketing buzzwords! What a huge task and it’s now all over! The sites are in the process of going live, I’m handing things over to the team who will be maintaining them in the long run and moving into more of an advisor role rather than a driving force. It feels very strange not spending two days a week working at the clients office and being back in the office full time.

I am both so very pleased with how the project went, it was a good 90% positive project and while we didn’t manage the full ‘on-time’ party (mainly due to 3rd parties), we definitely did the on-budget part! Plus, the team of people who got this project done, were basically amazing!

It feels great to be reporting a good thing at work and even better to know that the team I managed on this are now booked in to do another 2 projects in the same vein.

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