2015 – new year, new zzzzzzzzzz’zzzz

Resolutions are so much like hard work when it’s still dark at 8am so I’m not really making any, just a little recap of how things are going.


New year means a new project and we’re kicking off on a new platform today. It should be pretty exciting and I’m looking forwards to getting things done. My old project is still kicking around and we are very close to going live with that in the next few weeks. I can’t wait, it’s been going since Feb last year!


Loads of house stuff got done in a flurry after New Years and we’ve done loads of things to make small areas look much nicer. Wallpapering the understairs cupboard with some skulls! has really made a difference. We also painted the desk, the horrible cupboard in the lounge, the 2 downstairs radiators and put Stain block paint over a number of horrible damp stains and patches in the lounge.

Skull cupboard

Skull cupboard

Mum is coming to do some cat sitting and has kindly offered to paint the kitchen next week while we’re away and I can’t wait to get rid of the disgusting blue colour which has a number of nasty looking stains all over it! Eventually we will replace the entire kitchen but I have a master plan to hopefully extend slightly and create a bigger, brighter, more beautiful kitchen. With some clever cupboards and better gadgets.

Blue & beech kitchen, soon to be replaced with a nice grey and orange kitchen

Blue & beech kitchen, soon to be replaced with a nice grey and orange kitchen


No clothes shopping until the end of March.In fact, it’s an almost total ban on shopping for 3 months as we really need to get a bit of a grip on finances. Mainly so we can take more holidays and finish up some house stuff.

I am going to be doing a lot more cooking I think to occupy my time and I’m looking forwards to doing even more from Persiana, Skinny Weeks & Weekend Feasts and Change of Appetite.


I’ve managed to come down with yet another ENT type infection and have spent the last week on anti-biotics and steroids which has not led to me feeling amazing. I’m continuing to do lots of Crossfit and intend to switch up to 2 Crossfit sessions a week as well as 2 lifting sessions a week. I am loving the gains I’ve been making and the general feeling of being capable and strong that I get from all the exercise and I don’t want to lose that. A little more control over food wouldn’t go amiss but with a selection of new cook books, I think some exciting, tasty, healthy meals will make the biggest difference.

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