Things I have done in 2014

Maintained my points

  1. Sorted my skin out. Seriously sick of getting spots at the age of 35, I followed the guidance of Caroline Hirons and it’s really made a huge difference.
  2. Had faith in my work skills and the way I think things should be done, which resulted in a great project.
  3. 2 happy years of marriage, still think I’m incredibly lucky to be with him *cheese-alert*
  4. Visited Malaysia & Singapore (amazing), Cornwall and Greece
  5. Did not get overwhelmed by stress even when temporarily homeless.
  6. Entertained lots of people at home and cooked Xmas day.

Levelled Up

  1. Purchasing a house – serious levels of paperwork and being organised. Grown up decisions about what to spend money on i.e. boring boilers and damp courses are not high on excitement levels.
  2. Cross fit – pushing fitness levels to new heights. It’s only been 7 or 8 weeks so far but the difference in physical strength and fitness has definitely been marked.

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