The Meh List

I don’t see the point in using a whole paragraph to describe how something is just a bit lame, lukewarm, a bit irritating but not quite enough to get wound up about. So, it’s a bit Meh. A gentle whinge.

So I think I might do a semi-regular feature on stuff I think is lame at the moment. I think it might amuse me quite a bit. Which of course, is the main reason for having a blog.

Today’s Lame List

1. Having a laptop that just doesn’t work quite right. Occasional freezes, lots of spinning circles. and sometimes a ‘Not Responding’ application. It’s never quite bad enough to take it to IT but it’s a bit narking when it takes 3 minutes to save a powerpoint presentation.

2. A massive inability to remember to do something. My winter coats are in the loft where I tidyily put them when we moved into the house in the middle of the summer. It’s now Proper Cold and I’m still wearing my Autumn jacket and every morning I kick myself for not going into the loft to get them but every evening when I get home from work, I have entirely forgotten. I might just buy a new one. *opens new tab for ASOS*

3. Not being paid on time. This is beyond irritating. Companies who can’t pay their bills on time drive me insane. Especially when they owe me money.

4. Having a cold. It’s a pretty rare occasion but I have had one for most of last week and still have the sore throat, not quite breathing normally thing going on and it’s just boring now. I feel ropey, my head hurts and just generally ugh. I’ve even lost my appetite.

5. Google Play Music. All my music is nicely synced and uploaded and I can access any music I like from it but the usability is just poor. Unlike the iTunes Genius, the ‘Create Radio’ function frequently mixes together the weirdest selection of things and it’s never actually all that good. And it’s confusing.