Is it tea you’re looking for?

Some times I like to have a little look at how people find my blog and the rather random collections of words they use.

  1. evenlode no 2 goat cheese – 13!

    I’ve got no idea why I have 13 visits using this term. I am the third item in Google SERPS but that’s well, good and bad. It was a nice cheese. What more can I say?

  2. kuala lumpur malaysia civilised travel  – 1

    And yes, it was a very civilised trip. Unless you count the time that Simon had a coffee in the mall under the Petronas Towers which sent him loopy. It was that strong!

  3. huong que vietnamese restaurant bristol –  1

    This is quite a nice restaurant on the Gloucester Rd in Bristol, I’ve been a few times, the food is always good and I think last time, the service was definitely better than the first time we went.

  4. secret tea parties – 1

    I’ve got no idea. I’ve never had one but I think it would be a great idea. I am also very enamoured with the idea of SconeFest which will be happening soon.

  5. combine breast cancer and halloween – 1

    Again, I have no idea. Surely breast cancer is scary enough without adding halloween? Surely?

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