Sticks’n’Broth – Baldwin street Bristol

I hate writing Tripadvisor reviews but when you get a meal as great as this, I feel I had to. I hope people take me more seriously than how seriously I take Tripadvisor reviews.

This is a bit of a jinxed restaurant location but I really hope that Sticks’n’Broth are here to stay. Preferably forever. I’m a big fan of the ramen and the yakitori and if you’re looking for something a little more exciting than the highstreet version done by Wagamama, then this place is the way forwards. 16 hour broths that are full of taste, perfect soy boiled eggs, delicious and a generous helping of seafood, or a vast amount of meat (in the Big Porky Ramen) all add up to make some utterly delicious ramen.

And then you get the yakitori – small sticks of grilled goodies – usually topped with a delicious sauce. Little morsels of proper tastiness. Plus a wine list which features some really good, and exceptionally reasonably priced wines. Oh and the range of interesting Japanese whiskies and obviously a well chosen craft beer list. You get the impression that everything here has been chosen with care and a focus on giving people a choice of deliciousness. Also, great lights and murals.

Plus a waitress who was very patient with our big group of drunken fools. Really, it’s a winning formula and I really hope that they stay there. Mainly so I can go back later today. And again tomorrow. And maybe the day after that.Ramen with perfect egg and seafood and kimchee 2014-10-03 20.58.28