It’s been a while…

since I last posted.

Working for a living definitely got in the way of things and once you’re out of the habit, then it’s quite hard to get back into it. Work has been going epicly well however and I am exceptionally pleased with the state of my current project. It’s been a big, meaty project and I first started back in Feb. This week has been the most stressful by far as I presented a Sneak Peak to the client team and all stakeholders, 1 month ahead of launch. Massively risky but it went very well indeed. Just a small matter of launching the platform and the 146 websites based on that platform now.

We did manage to squeeze in a weeks worth of holiday in the last month however and went to a Greek island called Lemnos, where we did lots of activities, learnt to sail, did some paddleboarding and some kayaking and generally had a great time.


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We’ve also been doing quite a lot of decorating and organising our house. In fact, it’s become a total obsession and it’s a rare occassion that we don’t have some grand house based plans going on. Look out for updates in future posts. It’s been quite exciting. I’m also very pleased with my determination to do things in ways that multiple people totally disagree with and it turning out brilliantly. For example, we painted the lounge a super dark and inky peacock blue, which has made the whole place feel really luxurious and sophisticated. More pictures soon.

And lastly, I went to see Kylie after my big presentation on Wednesday and had a total blast.


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