Look what we did

We actually bought a house!

We actually bought a house!

We’re in a bit of shock as well. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we moved in and we still have endless boxes, all of which needs to go into non-existent storage solutions. I’ve tried as many paint colours on the walls as humanly possible and am dying to start painting.

The kitchen is pretty big, but an unfortunate shade of blue and there are some extreme variations in the shades of wood used in the lounge and dining room. We have massive, grand plans for the house and what we’d like to do with it. Everything from underfloor heating, moving a bathroom upstairs and perhaps even a loft conversion on the grand plan front, followed by lots of smaller things with lots of painting and decorating tasks!

We need a carpenter to build us in some decent storage solutions – there is pretty much no built in storage at all! And I’m going to ask the lovely Alex from Alexandra Cork Home Designs to draw up some plans for the bathroom move & the loft conversion. And I need a buildery type person to help with the garden plan I have.

It’s going to be AWESOME!