Re-entering civilisation – heading to Kuala Lumpur

From the wild and peaceful hill station in the Cameron Highlands, we headed back to Ipoh to give back the worlds most rubbish hire car and were then dropped at the station in iPoh to get the train down to Kuala Lumpur. Trains in Malaysia are amazingly well air-conditioned, beautifully looked after and very comfortable. The bus is cheaper and faster but the view from the train is still excellent and it had the added bonus of taking us right to the centre of KL, near where our hotel was.

Word to those heading to Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands – get the bus there from any of the other cities around and then hire a car when you’re there. While the drive from Ipoh or KL is absolutely fine, it’s quite easy to get the bus and hire a car there.

But onwards to KL – it was just crazy, mental mayhem. We stayed in Chinatown and had the most amazing hotel room – amazing in that it had a window with blinds, curtains and glass and then was totally bricked up! Doh! We had a brilliant time doing all the usual tourist attractions, eating and drinking before we headed down to Malacca for a little seaside holiday.