Thursday Blog Recommendations 3 April 2014

Yes! I know it’s been ages since I did a recommendations post but really, it’s quite a lot like hard work doing these ( I have to remember what I previously recommended and that’s tough!) and I’m a little pre-occupied at the moment. The main reason for our pre-occupation is the house purchase that is going through at the moment. It appears to be an exercise in other people being dicks, no one talking to us and basically just hanging around in the dark with a growing sense of unease and a small amount of hope. On the plus side, my Pinterest board could redecorate the house 17 times over in different styles.

But onwards to some good shit on the internet ….

Thank Fifi – a lovely fashion blog, featuring the kind of stuff I’d like to wear, with an adorablely silly looking dog. She doesn’t recommend any silly expensive clothing but does put things together in a very nice way. I particularly like the yellow coat which appeared in this post and while I’m on a total spending ban, I can’t buy it, I can still dream about it a little bit.

Frugal Feeding is a Bristol based blog – we really do some of the best stuff – and he posts some really tasty looking food, all at some very tasty prices. I’m very taken with his spiced rice pudding which I might give a try over this weekend.

Gastro-Geek also pleases me immensely – some tasty tasty looking things, all with a vaguely indian sub-continent theme. She’s done some videos for Sainsburys and writes for famous publications. Her pakoras with pear & mint raita look amazing and I really want to try the Kashmiri ribs.

Marry Me Ink is fabulous – no more hiding your tattoos when you get married, she features some amazing looking weddings, with some amazing looking tattoos. I wish I’d had my back tattoo done when I’d gotten married as it would work so beautifully in my dress.