Thursday Blog Recommendations 27 Feb.

Abandoned Porn

Abandoned Porn

The Imgur Abandoned Porn feed – this is truly awesome. It’s not actual porn but is a regularly updated (at least daily) feed of pictures of abandoned buildings, desolate places and broken things. To add it to your RSS reader use this link .


Joy the Baker – seriously, just read it. Just look at her delicious foods, her easy to understand recipes, her beautiful pictures. Seriously, her lovely lovely food. I really do recommend this highly if you like a bit of cooking and a lot of food watching. These DARK CHOCOLATE, PISTACHIO & SMOKED SEA SALT COOKIES are freaking delicious and are getting exceptionally good reviews from all sorts of people. People who know good food when it’s in front of them.

I really like this blog. Pictures of style and interesting people are always up my street and when they’re shot well, in cool locations and carefully curated, they’re a total winner. Even if it does make me feel a little inadequate in my boring jeans and forlorn attempts to wear high heels in a way that don’t hurt my feet. Definitely worth keeping an eye on for inspiration and styling ideas.