Langkawi – 99 islands in Malaysia

I’m not really sure that I can adequately describe how lovely Langkawi is.The weather is a fairly standard 30c for most of the year and while it can be a little overcast sometimes, it’s never cold. Hotels are not cheap cheap but not exceptionally expensive and we managed to stay on the beach for less than £30 a night.

Who goes there?

It’s quite unspoiled and not full of the type of foreigners who just want to sit on a beach and do nothing, it’s full of other Malaysians and people from all over India and Asia who come for holidays. There is no pre-dominant set of tourists which makes for a sense of tolerance and peacefulness. We heard a few Australian accents and the guest book in our hotel was full of people from all over the globe – Jordan, Germany and Singapore to name a few.

What to do?

There’s plenty to see and do but I think that you’d run out of things after 5 days unless you’re a beach addict – we went on a boat trip for 4 hours, hired a car and drove around the island, visited the main port town, some waterfalls, a hot springs resort, a massive cable car with bridges high in the mountains and a posh marina with expensive boats. There is no public transport and taxis are fairly plentiful. And then there are some beautiful beaches. We spent 3 days here and it was just a lovely place to relax and mooch around. Nothing was high pressure and everyone was very friendly.


The food in various restaurants is delicious – of course, if you’re after pizza and burgers, you’re a little screwed – but things like roti canai, curry, fresh fish and delicious fruits are every where and it’s really difficult to have a bad meal. As it’s a heavily muslim area, there are not many restaurants serving wine or beer but most places don’t mind if you BYO and really, when they do some amazing fresh juices, then it’s quite easy to not bother with drinks until after you’ve eaten.

Go there!