Thursday recommendations – 19th December

Built Lean is the website of a personal trainer, Marc Perry, who has built and developed a full on fitness program. In addition to this, he and his team write interesting articles about the health and fitness world. The blog is fascinating and well written and they pick a wide variety of subjects to write about.


Rock & Roll Bride is one of the best alternative wedding bloggers out there, featuring thousands of alternative weddings and endless amounts of people looking exceptionally happy about not subscribing to the status quo of white dress, sit down meal, spend a fortune on weddings. She’s fussy about photography and as an exceptionally successful blogger, she writes and presents lots of tips about running a blog. She featured our wedding, here. 

Closet Cooking – seriously, how can you not love a bit of Bacon & Maple Shortbread. Recipes are simple, straight forwards and easy to follow plus they definitely follow a trend of bacon, interesting flavours and pretty decent presentation.


The Fashion Police – is generally a whimsical look at fashion and style. Featuring such amazing series as Crimes of Fashion and  Style on Trial, this site is absolutely great if you’re at all worried that what you’re going to buy, is going to make you the laughing stock. Added to which, there are usually a regular amount of sneak previews from the next seasons ranges for shops we all shop at rather than the over priced designer stuff most bloggers would like to feature.


Beauty Lish is a shopping website with an excellent blog attached to it – featuring interviews, product reviews and some very well shot tutorials on how to use various makeup articles and to recreate looks and styles. I rate it highly!