Things to do in 2014

  • Learn UML properly and how to write decent use cases – yeah! Totally geeky but fun at the same time, I think it will make new jobs more possible and aim me more into the higher end of project management.
  • Experiment more with cocktails and make up some decent recipes
  • More photography! MORE! I want to photograph food properly, set up a decent lightbox situation and design up some backgrounds. More people and street scenes. More weddings! Can’t go wrong with weddings – everyone is happy, everyone looks amazing, photographing weddings is a total joy even if it does give you sore feet!
  • Decorate a house. Well, first we have to buy the house and then we get to decorate it. Plans are currently to start mortgage arrangements when we’re back from Malaysia and start house hunting in February. That should fit with my vague ideas of being into the new house by May/June.
  • IMG_2231Cycling trips! I really want to do the Cornish Way and possibly the Celtic Trail. I have new(ish) bike and am determined to get out there on it. Currently it’s a bit too scary cycling on slicks on wet streets and piles of leaves but once Feb starts, I should be back to normal.
  • Holidays! We all need more of these! I’m determined to space them out a bit better this time as well. It’s been over 6 months since our last period of time off and we’re both burnt out and a bit tired of routine. We’re doing 2 weeks in Malaysia starting on Boxing Day! And then have plans for Download Festival in June. Istanbul! Berlin! South America! And I’d really like to go and see my lovely Dad in Krugersdorp.
  • Obviously, I’d really like to lose weight but quite frankly, I can’t face another year with a massive goal of WEIGHT LOSS being the only thing that’s important to me. Because it’s not and it shouldn’t be. I want to continue to be fit and active and maybe when I have the wherewithal to manage it, I’ll consider some adjustments to my not particularly terrible eating habits.