Thursday recommendations 12th Dec

Messy Nessy Chic – Blogging on the Offbeat and the Unique – seriously, these guys are awesome – from underground rivers in Paris, to Indian Tracker Art and terrifying road journeys, they blog everything cool and offbeat.  Great photography, good writing and their series on 13 Things I found on the Internet today is great. Perfect for days when you’re in need of something interesting to read and explore.

The Vagenda – uk based feminist blog featuring the writings of a number of well read, eloquent women and the occasional man. Not afraid of being rude, lewd or downright filthy in order to get a point across. These ladies often review the latest magazines to show how badly they put down women and their disdain and sheer incredulousness at Grazia often makes me laugh! Excellent reading – I think my favourite article of all time is this Top 10 WTF Products aimed at women

Amazing pink chair from Desire to Inspire

Desire to – an Australian and Canadian based home design inspiration and photography. Lovely photos of amazing homes, really well curated by 2 people with totally different tastes but a definite understanding of what makes style work and how to design a great home. It’s definitely given me some great inspiration for new things to do when we finally have a house to decorate. Like this amazing pink sofa/chair in a kitchen

Colossal – another amazingly well curated art blog – featuring art works of all kinds from all over the world. A really guide for trend spotters and those interested in the creative and sometimes the downright wacky.