A new Thursday series – blog recommendations

As well as blogging for years and years, I read a lot of blogs. In fact, there are currently 322 blogs subscriptions in my Feedly and it grows every day. Everything from photography, to beauty, to travel and onwards to finance, cocktails and the weight lifting blogs. I used to have a fairly severe magazine addiction and the blogs have almost entirely replaced my love of magazines by being more interesting, relevant and much much more up to date than any magazine. Plus having read a few magazines recently, they seem very much as if their content has dumbed down and is almost a parody of itself. Boring!

So firstly, let’s start off with a short list of 5, quite disparate blogs.

My Modern Met

My Modern Metropolis is a beautifully curated gallery of creative ideas – ranging from photography to sculpture, urban art and even make up. Pictures of inspiring, fascinating and truly fabulous work fill every blog post and their aim to match up trend spotters with those who appreciate art in any form. I find it quite inspiring and it definitely gets the creative juices flowing. I love that it’s not focused on just one medium and features content from around the world.

The Retro WW Experiment

1972: The Retro WW Experiment is an absolutely cracking, and generally hilarious blog featuring a woman who has been making recipes from the original version of the Weight Watchers Diet. I absolutely love it because she writes so very well and really, how can you possibly not love the Frankfurter Spectacular? It’s probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen on the internet. I’ve got to admire someone who goes to the effort of recreating something seen on a 1970s recipe card.

London Beauty Review

As far as beauty blogs go, I have a wide range of them and I find them endlessly fascinating. I love reviews of products and pictures of how colours and products look. I love the inspiration of various ways of applying things and it has definitely driven my understanding of how makeup and skin care works. It’s also given me a make up collection to rival a professional make up artists collection! I really enjoy the London Beauty Review who writes very clear and precise reviews. Her tastes are similar to mine – a mix of high street and high end and I’ve always found her recommendations exceptionally spot-on. I also love the she doesn’t do videos or vlogs, because reading is what I prefer my blogs to be about. Also, she has great red hair.

Advanced Style

I also love Advanced Style – he’s a street photographer who captures those who are exceptionally well and interestingly dress – but over the age of 50. It’s a refreshing view to see how imaginations and style does not deteriorate with age and that we’re not all destined for twinsets or a wardrobe solely of black clothing. He’s a good photographer and has a great eye for picking amazing looking men and women.

The Toast


Finally, the Toast – a mixture of writing, comedy, feminism, and really, some utterly random stuff that I have never seen on the internet. I like the way their curate their content, I love that it’s mostly written and there are no videos and that they appear to be determined to getting people to keep an open mind on, well, everything! I’ve read some thoroughly thought-provoking stuff on there, but also some utterly hysterical pieces which have made me almost wet myself. Highly recommended, especially if you like something a little surreal.

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  1. Brilliant Charl! Always looking for new blog and you would be exactly the kind of person I’d like to take recommendations from! x

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