Moving house


You can see the ears perk up, the concern on the face and generally, the panic slowly sets in. We had a month or so to pack everything up but of course, we left most of it until the last minute. It’s too traumatic living for weeks with everything in boxes.  Annoyingly, because our previous house purchase fell through, we have moved into a fairly temporary flat, we’re only expecting to be here for about 6 months or so while we house hunt and hopefully find something else we love as much as we did the last one. 

We are however consoling ourselves with a holiday in Malaysia after Christmas and will be flying out on Boxing Day to spend 2.5 weeks backpacking around and seeing the sights.

The cats have settled into our new flat very happily tho and so have I. Simon is struggling a little more but I much prefer flat living to a house and once we’re fully unpacked, or more importantly, things are properly organised, it will feel much more like home. Our new place is much closer to the city as well and we are loving being able to walk down to the shops, or to the businesses on Gloucester Road.