Dukan weight loss challenge – Attack phase

Attack Phase

This is a short phase of protein only. It’s to get you into the swing of things, to kick start weightloss and make getting into ketosis easier. It perks me up immensely to see the scale dropping quickly even tho I know it’s just water loss.

Day 1.

9th Sept. 12’11.8. Utterly fed up after having gained over a stone due to pissing around taking a different pill in the effort to not have headaches.  It worked in the headache department but failed dramatically in allowing me to have a normal life – I mainly gained weight, felt rubbish due to random aches and pains and well, yeah, it didn’t feel like a good swap for just limiting headaches a few times a month.

Dukan is pretty damned effective and while I am not keen to go back to yo-yoing onto and off of diets again, at least the high levels of protein means that I keep my muscles and am not hungry. This is merely a reset to normal body weight after a pretty epic disaster of medication.

Food consumed :  oat bran galette, 2 scrambled eggs, packet of ready cooked plain chicken breast, Fage 0% yoghurt, 4 slices low fat ham, roasted duck leg, 0% fromage frais with some grated cucumber.

Day 2.

10th Sept. 12’10lb – already feeling better about this even tho I have an absolutely epic cold. I can’t actually taste anything and don’t feel like eating at all so it’s probably a good thing.

Food consumed: 3 poached eggs, 3 slices ham, 2 boiled eggs,packet of roast chicken breast with yoghurt & harissa, grilled salmon fillet, konnyaku noodles, teaspoon of pesto.

Day 3.

11th Sept. 12’7,2lb – still have epic cold, but feeling much better generally. The cold appears to be only in my head, the rest of me feels pretty damned good.

Food consumed: 1 oat bran galette, 3 scrambled eggs, 3 chipolata sausages. Roast chicken. Pork belly, chunk of cheese.

Day 4.

12 Sept. 12’7lb – still have epic cold. Feeling less better after going into work yesterday afternoon. Collapsed on sofa for most of today after an hour of phone conferences. Can’t stick to this diet on days when I feel this rubbish, will have to return when I feel better.

Food consumed: 2 poached eggs on 2 slices toast (I know it’s not on plan but really, it’s time to get better now), some chicken breast and cherry tomatoes in pesto, smarties (in the hairdresser), then some prawns, chilli, garlic and millet risotto.