Brunch Club – Matt’s delicious egg challenge

In a new version of Dinner Club, we have moved into Brunch Club – we’ve already had a couple of Brunch meals but this time, it’s a whole round of Brunches!

We were welcomed with some some glasses of Horchata – a sweet and refreshing drink made with almonds, rice and honey.

Matt started off the food adventures with Omelette Arnold Benett – which I have never had before but man! This is delicious! I thoroughly recommend it (if you like fish that is) – it’s like a more delicious version of kedgeree with added hollandaise.

Omelette Arnold Bennett

This was followed by a small but amazingly packed muffin style backed egg – spinach, black pudding, goats cheese and eggs, all baked into a muffin tray lined with streaky bacon. Amazingly tasty and served with some delicious roasted cherry tomatoes. A perfect little parcel of joy.

Baked eggs, goats cheese, spinach and black pudding wrapped in bacon.

And then, the final course – unpictured – was some little pancakes topped with butter, figs cooked in honey and some maple syrup.  Just perfect!

Well done Matt, an awesome start to Brunch Club. It’s going to be a hard task to beat this!