Detoxing my life

I think I’ve got a bit of a problem now – given that I’ve been detoxing my body, I now really really feel like having a big old life detox. Ridiculous! It’s like making new years resolutions in January, I never fancy doing it then but now, now I really feel like it. Bizarre.

I have made a pact with Simon tho. I will not buy clothes in August in order for us to go on holiday in September.  So that should keep things nice and simple. (He didn’t say anything about shoes, but I’m going to stick to the spirit of it and not buy those either.  Sadly I did suggest this pact about 3 hours after I bought a new pair of shoes online. But! It’s still July so I’m all good.

I might even do a clothing sort out in the next week or so. And possibly a general house decluttering.