Clean Program Over the weekend

Friday started well with a random orange shake that had been improved by adding some raspberries (made it much much nicer!)

On friday afternoon we had our office summer BBQ. We took a BBQ and a gazebo to Ashton Court along with a pile of beer, cider and meat. It was a very successful afternoon and we all had a great time. I did however go ‘off-plan’ and ate a burger(delicious, actually, had 2 – one for dinner) and some crisps (less delicious) and mainly drank water or orange juice. No alcohol!

I felt very pleased that I had not gone overboard with the eating crazy stuff.

Saturday morning dawned with the aims of being entirely on plan and i was successful with this!

Another pumpkin/cocoa/raspberry shake for breakfast then I had a lunch of millet risotto – which was again really delicious. It was yellow courgette and chicken and was topped with some fresh pesto.

Dinner was then a roasted garlic soup with some mushrooms and chive oil. I found the recipe on and decided that it was entirely appropriate for the diet. It was absolutely delicious but all the garlic definitely had a certain effect on the stomach!

We also bought, from the green grocers, a huge black watermelon. It’s delicious!

Sunday was a brunch with some lovely friends and their adorable new baby, followed by a light dinner of chicken, asparagus and green beans. With a slice of home made sour dough bread. Not entirely on plan but still very healthy.