Clean Program Day 4

Today’s morning shake was a pumpkin pie flavoured shake and sadly, as I deviated from the recipe, it wasn’t very nice at all. It was pumpkin, almond milk, hemp protein, cinnamon, 3 prunes, cocoa nibs and some chia seeds. It wasn’t sweet enough and was a bit too thick. I shall try and stick to the recipe in future!

Lunch was an ‘asian-inspired’ dish of black rice, cod, green beans, spring onions and pak choi with a nice dressing.

And dinner was supposed to be soup but I was told about the joys of massaged kale so I decided that a small salad of some leftover roast chicken and some massaged kale would be a good dinner. Topped with a little pesto. I can safely say that massaging kale really is utterly different to kale in any other way. Basically you take the stems off and rip up the leaves into bit sized pieces and then massage or knead it in a bowl. And suddenly it goes all soft and releases a little bit of kale juice. Make sure it’s all done and top with a little lemon juice, olive oil and salt. Amazing! I’ve never been quite sure about kale but this was so tasty and nice.

There are a few different versions of the clean program. I am doing the one from the book by Dr Junger (who designed the program) but the alternative version of the program that he developed for the Dr Oz show allows small side plate style salads for dinners. Which is a good back up when you don’t feel like a soup. This is the link to the Meal Plan and this is the link to the Dr Oz style link.

I haven’t weighed myself yet or anything else but Simon has mentioned that I seem a lot better in myself, a bit perkier and a bit less apathetic. Which is good. Less like a SLUG!