Clean Program Day 2

I’m reasonably sure that I won’t manage a post every day of this. Today’s shake was a mix of almond milk, almond butter, blueberries and hemp protein. Which is quite green. It was exceptionally tasty tho and full of good fats and delicious things.

Lunch was also delicious. Roast chicken, quinoa salad, some raisins, toasted pine nuts and avocado dressed with some oil and vinegar. 

And then dinner was a repeat of Monday’s cucumber and avocado gazpacho. Mainly because I had everything in and it was absolutely delicious. Topped with olive oil and toasted pine nuts.

And exercise consisted of cycling to work & back (every day really), and I went to the gym to do a light gym session to get me back into the swing of things. I don’t ache too badly but my legs are feeling very very tired.

I still had a headache from the lack of caffeine but I like to think that it’s abating slowly.