The Clean Program – Day 1

After the weeks of travelling and a few holidays, I have been feeling rubbish. Capital R style RUBBISH. My stomach is behaving very very badly, I’m having trouble sleeping, every muscle in my body aches and generally, I’m showing all the symptoms of stress and I feel really lousy.

I’ve also been eating whatever I feel like and while I haven’t been mainlining MaccyD’s, I’ve definitely not been as good as I could have, which is now showing up on the scales and on my body. I am more like a sluggy slug than anything else at the moment and definitely feel the need to hibernate!

So I’ve started the Clean Program which is a detox /  cleanse for 1 week. You can continue it on for 3 weeks but I’m having a think about that. I might aim for 1 week and if it goes okay and I feel much better after that, then I’ll try and do the full 3. You can buy a kit to do it with but really, the book has loads of recipes and quite frankly, I’m quite happy to cook and prepare smoothies and soups and food.

I can safely say that my stomach feels a bit like it’s in shock this morning after consuming my first morning shake. Which consists of coconut milk, almonds, blueberries,2 prunes, shredded coconut, a little water and 3 teaspoons of linseeds all blended up together. It was actually really tasty and I feel very very full now.  It was accompanied by a cup of rooibos tea.

Rooibos and coconut blueberry shake

Lunch is a salad of quinoa, sliced lamb, kale, spinach and capers, all dressed in lemon juice and olive oil.

This afternoon, I’m not precisely hungry but the office has reached the heady temperatures of 34c and really, it feels like I’m in a sauna. So I can’t really tell whether the heat and airlessness is making me feel so grumpy or whether the lack of caffeine, sugar and bread is making me feel so unwell. Luckily, I can work from home so once I’ve done my 3:30 conference call, I’ll be heading off home to complete some wireframes and start a quote for a client.

I’ve also been to H&B for some supplies. Gotta say that I’d better like the hemp protein I’ve bought for my morning smoothies and I was forced to buy a big bag of chia seeds but given that they are supposed to be the most amazing super-food ever, I’m determined to finish them all. I did however, purchase some cacao nibs as they looked delicious. They also appear to be used in loads of recipes so I’ll definitely use them.

Dinner was delicious. A gazpacho of cucumber, basil and avocado, drizzled with some EVOO.

I then went to bed with a massive headache, definitely due to the lack of the foul Caffeind, but slept well until 3:45 when the heavens opened and a huge thunderstorm struck. It felt like I was back in the Highveld!

Summary:  Day 1 went well, it wasn’t too difficult to manage but I’ll need to be careful about prepping food for lunch in advance.