Food Hoarding

I thought this was a pretty interesting article about food hoarding, which is definitely something I do to a certain degree. This is a good point as well. I can safely say that I have never thought of myself as thin enough. Even when I weighed 51kgs.

(Which is itself sort of a ridiculous way to think about it, as though you literally wake up one morning and look at yourself and think, “Today I am EXACTLY THIN ENOUGH”? I have never known anyone that this happened to. We like to think our wants are simple and straightforward and that we are easy to satisfy but nothing we are taught from cradle to grave by this culture of self-recrimination has ever trained us how to accept what we have, but always to be seeking happiness and self-confidence as an achievement just inches out of reach, no matter how far we stretch ourselves to try to grab it.)

Which diet is good for you?

I thought that this Precision Nutrition article about what diet you should be eating was totally sensible and to the point. Anything that you can stick to is the best thing to do and if it makes you concentrate on eating good food rather than just mindlessly shovelling random stuff into your mouth then it’s all good.


In other news, I have not weighed myself since sometime in March and I can definitely note that I hate myself less. By about 10% or so. I’m also a lot more conscious of how my body feels and I’m trying to be more mindful of how food makes me feel after and during eating. It’s a struggle but I’m getting there and slowly, better choices are becoming a habit. So far I have learnt the following:-

  1. Wheat or Gluten – haven’t ironed out which one – definitely makes me feel a bit rubbish stomach-wise after eating and also leads me down a binging route. I am trying to keep it to a minimum now.
  2. Milk in large quantities is not ideal. It’s fine as a splash in tea, but a huge hot chocolate that’s mainly milk makes me both sleepy and a little uncomfortable.
  3. Fruit has less of an adverse affect than it used to so I’m eating more of it but not more than 2 or 3 pieces a day.
  4. Protein with every meal really does stop the weird hunger pangs. I really should remember this more often.

Plus I have started back at the gym and am loving it. I go at lunch times now and it really breaks up the day and is a pleasure to work out when there is not many people there.