How famous people used to eat.

These articles are about about how Marilyn, Liz Taylor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jackie Kennedy etc ate. They are mainly hysterical.

Liz Taylor

“This is a flavor profile that would appeal to a cat.”


Marylin Monroe


“Then I google Marilyn Monroe’s name and discover a cottage industry surrounding how to affect Marilyn Monroe’s style and demeanor. There are a lot of forums and articles with tips like “Blink slowly” or “Use hormone cream to grow a downy hair on your face.” ”


Jackie Kennedy

I wake up really hungry. This is to be expected, but still I am surprised given how well the “one potato” thing was going yesterday.



“After breakfast I decided to do the first DVD of the Tracy Anderson method. It’s difficult, actually. Essentially you hold tiny weights in your hand and then flap your arms wildly like a person in a Victorian insane asylum having an epileptic fit. You do this for an hour. At the end, I was so tired I lay on the floor.”


 Greta Garbo
“The heart of darkness — my celery loaf — is still in the oven. I had forgotten about it, but the time has come time to confront my demon in its celery face.”