Dinner Club – the Pinterest inspired themed one

I was utterly stuck for a theme for Dinner Club when my turn rolled around again. So I decided to use Pinterest, which I expect is a bit of a cop out but really, I’d been collecting recipes in Pinterest for ages (see here for my Must Cook folder) and finally decided that cooking some of them would be the answer! So the menu read as follows

Apple, butternut and pomegranate salad

greek yoghurt with grated cucumber
bulghur wheat salad as mentioned in the Bill Grainger recipe above.
Cheesecake churros

Serving up the salad!SLP_8706 SLP_8707 SLP_8708 SLP_8712 SLP_8719 SLP_8722

Plus a few gratuitous pictures of me with curly hair.

SLP_8728 SLP_8729

2 thoughts on “Dinner Club – the Pinterest inspired themed one

    • It was amazingly good. Tender but not too falling apart. the recipe said shoulder but I used leg instead and I think it would have been more melty with shoulder but it was still delicious. Due to my shit oven, the outside was slightly crispy but was really lovely with the flavours of pomegranate and garlic tho.

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