On Browsing of the spam folder

Occasionally I check my Spam folder, usually to check whether I’ve received an email from someone which hasn’t arrived (invariably, they haven’t sent it) and sometimes I do find some absolute treasures in between the endless Figleaves, Dotty Ps and PPI claim emails. This was entitled “Stop being a milksop and lying on a couch” and the rest of the email read as follows.

Do you want to become a hero in her bed? 

Of course, you do want this! 

We all want this because we are predators and women are our prey 
They want animal passion from you! 
But not everyone is able to do this. 

Don not worry, I will help you.
(link omitted)

The word milksop is definitely underused in todays times and I feel we should add it to our repertoire immediately.