Running update

I am quite proud of myself. I have actually been running since my last post and have managed to cover 17kms in 4km bursts. Last week was Wednesday and Friday and this week was Monday, Thursday and will run on Saturday. This is most definitely the most hardcore exercise I have done in 2013. (Obviously last year, I did shit loads up until the wedding whereapon my energy failed and I needed to hibernate for 3 months or so).

I’m still not looking forwards to the 10k but if I manage to keep this up, it shouldn’t be too torturous.

Delightfully tho, we have booked to go to Barcelona on the evening of the 10k and then onwards to Madrid. A whole week in Spain to be spent mooching around the country doing whatever we feel like. I think I shall book 3 nights in Barcelona and 2 nights in Madrid and then have a think about where to go between them (Seville is an option …)

Foodwise, I didn’t manage to add good carbs back into my diet but went straight in with the stupid bread and wheat but am trying to limit it to once a day at the most with a view to cutting down into a more paleo routine over time. I might try some more experimenting with intermittent fasting again as that’s been interesting again.