Goals for 2013

Gosh. That will make it exactly 10 years of blogging in November. Blog PARTY!

I do this every year and so far, it does generally work. I don’t actually like having goals because having realised that I am a contrary fucker, having a goal means that I do my best to derail myself and persuade myself out of it. Also, like Zenhabits says – having a goal and being utterly dedicated to it means that you may miss an amazing opportunity which would mean you would have to give up your original goal.  Flexibility is a good thing and being happy with change is good. I have noticed that over time, I have become less flexible and more worried about change and I don’t like this. I note that I have said that I don’t like goals and resolutions in my last post on the subject and mentioned similar topics of areas to work on. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

So, vague plans.

  • Stop pissing around ‘trying’ to lose weight and do something that I know works and can stick with. It’s going to take at least 3 or 4 months to get down to a decent weight (I am surprisingly heavy for my size due to muscle and weight training, it’s still unhealthy) and I need to be able to stick to something. So no crash diets, nothing too difficult and something that I know works for me and makes me feel good. Dr Atkins – we meet again. I had a brief interlude with your colleague Dr Dukan a little while ago and I think you’re both great. 
  • More exercise. It really helps with the seasonal depression and with the weight loss. Even if I don’t lose weight doing it, I do feel more motivated so I’m all over that. I managed a run on Boxing day which was the most formal exercise I’ve done since we came back from honeymoon. Felt fine and I don’t appear to have lost lots of fitness. I am going to beat Matt in a deadlifting competition when I’m back up to speed too.
  • I am going to wear more clothes. Buy less jeans and wear more skirts. In fact, I might do a series of challenges where I wear things that I am too nervy to wear. Again, deal with change!
  • Enjoy married life. It’s pretty bloody awesome already and I can’t talk highly enough about having a husband like Simon. He really does make a huge difference to everything I do.
  • Travel more. We didn’t do a lot last year due to the wedding and while we do want to buy a house, I really want to spend some more time just wandering around the world with a backpack. I’m not sure how this will fit with Simon’s plans and his hopes for working but exploring more of South America and SE Asia is really exciting. I expect that a big trip might not be possible next year but early the year after would be really amazing. Santiago, Rio and Lima all feature in my WANT  list as do Laos and Burma. We shall see what can be done. I’m going to do more exploring of Europe on the train rather than flying every where and use our wedding voucher to Canopy & Stars from my lovely aunt.
  • Less frittering and spending. I’m not going to limit myself totally because I do love clothes and make up and accessories and books and shoes and cooking gadgets and doing thing and I enjoy wearing them and using them so limiting myself is just going to make me unhappy. However, I don’t think that I shall be buying things because I am just bored. Boredom is not a good reason to go shopping or to eat. So, I’m either going to need more distraction techniques or find some new, non-spending hobbies.
  • Do more stuff that I enjoy that is not on a computer /  gadget. So cook more, exercise more, visit people more (difficult, I have a short attention span and people are offended when I drop in for a limited time) but I like to see people.
  • Get my fringe cut more regularly. Hopefully, now that I live around the corner from the amazing Vikki, I shall be able to do this. I have started well by having a haircut on the 28th Dec and am going to aim to grow my hair out now that it’s all one length.
  • Do some photography projects and get Simon’s photography site up and running in a big way so that we can shoot more weddings. They are brilliant fun, I love being around happy days and taking photographs of happy people is always brilliant.

So really, that all sounds good. Lots of fun things to aim at combined with some actual serious bits.