Packing up a house

This is not a joyous experience. Unless you are a cat, cats really like boxes and there are quite a lot of boxes strewn around the house at the moment. It’s like a mini cat playground and there has been quite a lot of jumping in and out of boxes plus the awkward moment where one cat jumps in a box to discover another cat is already there. Disgusted cat face.

It’s really difficult to pack at the moment. We have to do a serious amount of throwing stuff away before we can pack up, especially given that we have some lovely new things arriving courtesy of our amazing friends and family as wedding gifts. It’s going to feel like a whole new house when we are all moved in. We’re even going to make the commitment of buying some furniture. The aim to buy secondhand retro stuff from places like Emmaus and the YMCA factory shop.

I’m very very keen on an art deco style dressing table