Moving House

So, a full and proper update on the moving house saga.

Our lovely landlord gave us notice about 3 weeks before the wedding. He was very amicable, as he usually is, and said that he was going to be putting the flat on the market for a quick sale as he had a new investment he would rather do. So, we decided that moving out was the best thing to do and agreed that we’d be out by the end of November/early Dec.

So we are house hunting with vengeance now. It’s very boring and I hate speaking to endless estate agents, most of whom, don’t listen at all and are a bit pushy. Added to which, I’m having a bit of a melt down over where to live as while I was initially keen on moving to Totterdown or Southville, now that we’ve been doing a bit of hanging around in those areas and looked at a couple of places, I’ve suddenly become a little less keen. Poor Simon is quite nice and relaxed about this tho. Thank god that one of us is normal.

So,we’re looking in Clifton/City Centre and will hopefully find something soon. I really don’t want to move, I feel very unsettled with everything and it’s giving me weird anxiety moments and a furrowed brow. Rubbish.