Exciting things happening in the next few months!

Cornwall holiday

We’re off to visit Si’s dad in Cornwall and my mum is coming for a mini holiday as well. I am expecting it to pour with rain however as it’s a bank holiday weekend and we all know what that means in the UK. The weather report says this however

My Hen Do

Initially I was unconcerned about a hen do, I don’t really see much point in celebrating my single life given that I’ve not been single for 3 years but given that Liz has redefined it as an opportunity to see some much missed friends and to do some of my favourite things (cake, champagne, cocktails, get dressed up and visit Dishoom) I have decided that it sounds freaking awesome and am really looking forwards to it. I might even buy a new dress for the occasion and am thinking of one of these.

My Dad and Edith arriving

This is super exciting. They’ve not spent much time in Bristol and I can’t wait to see them both. They’re going to stay with us for a few days and then hopefully go and see my Uncle and Aunt for a few days  (while I go crazy with wedding prep) and then be back for the wedding.

The Wedding

I get to marry my most favourite person in the world and then have a huge party with all our of awesome friends and family. How could I not look forwards to this? I have a dress which looks amazing, some cute shoes and Si has a suit which makes him look very hot. We will be having lots of our favourite things – cake, prosecco, dancing, good food and rock music.

The Honeymoon

We are heading off to Miami, the Florida Keys and then on a mini cruise around the Caribbean. I have purchased 2 new bikinis and a swimming costume plus some sundresses. It will hopefully make up for the rubbish summer that we’ve been having and also give us a chance to get in some proper relaxation after the stress of the last few months (everything has been going wrong in expensive ways – car died, Pandora hurled herself from a window and injured herself, windscreen requiring replacing in expensive way)

The 2nd wedding – of Dad and Edith

And finally! My father and Edith have decided to end the longest engagement ever by actually getting married when they are in the UK. 2 weddings for the price of 1!

I am really quite excited about the next few months!