The power of Intermittent Fasting

This is pretty fascinating stuff. Lasst week we watched the BBC Horizon program made by Michael Mosely on BBC2 and we were transfixed by the potentials behind this. The program is summarised here (BBC Link) and it has forced us to recognise that we really do eat too much and that attempts at slightly cutting down, don’t really cut it. 

In a nutshell, you fast for 2 days out of 7. And by fast, they mean less than 600 calories on those days. And then on the other 5 days, you eat normally. There is also a type where you fast on alternate days but obviously that would be difficult in some cases – weekends and the like. There are other types of intermittent fasting which are detailed in this helpful booklet by Dr Berardi

I have decided to try this (well, actually Simon suggested it first as I have tried fasting and didn’t enjoy eating nothing at all) and we fasted on monday – 531 calories- and will be fasting again tomorrow. We’ve agreed to give this a try for the 8 weeks until the wedding to see if we can shed some weight. Especially given that there will be beach time in Miami after that! 

6 thoughts on “The power of Intermittent Fasting

    • Thanks dude. It’s bloody awful actually and I’m not sure I can do much more of it. Si is doing well tho.
      And yes, 500 for girls. But 600 was damned difficult so I’m not going to quibble about 100cals!

      What I’m really keen on is Primal eating

  1. Sorry to hear that your feeling the pain:

    I’m currently working with this:

    Cuppa soup lunch :60 – 100 cal
    Dinner 500 Cal

    So anything from

    1/2 a pizza express pepperoni pizza and half a bag of salad with vinaigrette and 6 cherry tomatoes (500) as pizza is 350 ish

    or tonights which will be tesco meal deal risotto with salad (450 ish cal)

    this combined with a liter of coffee and another 3 liters of water seems to get me through it hasn’t felt like I’m missing out on stuff as its only a day (or two) and tomorrow I can eat normally.

    Primal eating? big T-bone steak and no cutlery?

    • That sounds pretty good. I’m so rubbish about missing meals but I might have to give it another go next week and see how I get on.

      Primal eating is pretty much that. Eating like a caveman – so mainly meat, veggies, nuts, seeds, no grains or artificial crap basically.

  2. Hi there, I’m trying this too so it’s nice to see a fellow traveler out there.

    Are you having the weird dreams on the fast days? Are you trying the protein restriction stuff too?

    Feel free to ignore random weird guy posting unasked on your blog.

    Anyway good luck with this and congratulations on the wedding, got married in Cornwall last year and it was simply the second best thing I’ve ever done (only the birth of my boy has bettered it)

  3. Just read the comments. Won’t the primal eating fly in the face of what the horizon episode said about protein intake? That was the main cause of the GO GO GO protein.

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