Further wedding updates

At the end of my last post, I had a small list of tasks left to do! I can now report that quite a few of these are done!
  • Decide on decorations and table designs – a small plan has been made, I’m reasonably certain it will all change!
  • Decide on flowers – I have been to meet the florist who was both lovely and full of interesting ideas!
  • Buy me a dress – I think we have winner!
  • Buy us both some shoes –  luckily, my dress is floor length so really, I could just wear my Converse under the dress and no one would know! How perfect is that? In reality, I might buy some nice shoes. For Simon, I have banned any pale blue lizardskin shoes and he’s working on some nice brogues at the moment.
  • Find a band – all done, by the band maestro Simon
  • Send out invites – these go out beginning of July! I am in the process of designing them.
  • Sort out a wedding website – well, really, I might just use this site!
  • Buy rings – I have purchased mine. It’s quite quite lovely and I am very pleased with it. It was also a total bargain as  one of the jewellers in Brixham is retiring and hence it was half-price.
  • Find a photographer (we have entered a competition, I really hope we win!)- and the good news is that we won! And our photography will be done by the amazing Kat Forsyth
  • Sort out the remainder of our honeymoon – well, we haven’t actually done anything on this and we really do need to book some hotels, especially in Key West as it’s Fantasy Fest week and is likely to be pretty busy. I will pop in to see my friend at STA tomorrow and we can look at hotels and car hire. We’ve booked the cruise part and the flights! YAY.