Update on my NO SNACKING campaign

Given that I rarely manage to do updates on anything I start, this may come as a shock to you all that I have managed to keep something up. Yes, the short attention span usually means that I struggle with that.

Anyway, I am still not snacking. Well, mostly. I am now eating 4 meals a day as the stretch between 1pm and 8pm is just too long to go without food. Especially when I’ve cut down on the amount of food I’m having at those meal times.

I have adopted the motto of ‘if your stomach isn’t growling, you probably aren’t really hungry, just bored’, which in my case, was almost 100% true. It’s faintly amazing how little food you actually need. And also how quickly I can go from a slight hunger pang, to completely over the top hungry and ravening beast mode. Added to which, the change in mood from a bit hungry to sobbing loser when I get too hungry! So I’m walking a fairly fine line of eating enough and being properly hungry and being over the line too hungry. It’s been an interesting time.

But it’s working, I’m down about 3kgs. Which is pretty epic for me as I really do struggle to lose weight, however with the larger amount of muscle I have been developing in the past 6 months, I’m looking a lot leaner than I was. My next goal is to drop 5kgs by the middle of June – that’s about 5 weeks away and 1kg a week /  2lbs a week is the so-called ‘healthy average’ to do so.

Don’t offer me any cake!